Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, has become a global phenomenon beloved for its chewy tapioca pearls, creamy milk teas, and endlessly customizable combinations. Fans of this Instagram-worthy drink now have a day to celebrate their love – National Boba Day on April 30th.

When is National Boba Day?

Well, for each of the years, National Boba Day always falls on April 30th every year.

While not an official federal holiday, it’s celebrated by boba fans and shops across the country. Some chains offer special deals or freebies.

The date was likely chosen because April 30th usually coincides with the return of warmer weather, making iced boba extra appealing.

The Origins of Bubble Tea

Before we dive into National Boba Day, let’s explore the origins of the drink it honors.

Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, with the first commercial boba shop opening in Taichung in 1983.

The inventor is credited as Liu Han-Chieh, who came up with the idea of adding tapioca balls to flavorful tea. The “boba” name comes from the Chinese word for the large tapioca pearls.

It’s also called bubble tea because of the round, bubble-like shape of the pearls. The earlier term for it in English was “pearl milk tea” 珍珠奶茶 in Chinese.

Bubble tea spread beyond Taiwan in the 1990s via Asian immigrants. So boba originated in Taiwan but has expanded globally as a fusion of Asian tea culture and tapioca pearls.

coffee with boba|ohsweetcups.com
coffee with boba

Then boba or bubble tea became extremely popular worldwide because it is creamy, taste, and funny to enjoy with endless combinations to make your own perfect order. Lots of young people love boba.

How to celebrate the National Boba Day

If you are a boba lover, the following are some brilliant ideas for celebrating National Boba Day.

  • Check social media for boba shop specials and deals, some brands may also promote new types of boba drinks.
  • Order delivery boba to enjoy at home or work and enjoy with friends. You can try to mix up your usual order and sample a new flavor combination.
  • Try recreating DIY boba and milk teas at home. You can invite your family and children to enjoy making all types of boba pearls including tapioca boba, grass jelly boba, or crystal boba. We also suggest trying lovely popping boba.
  • Take festive boba-themed photos to share online. We would also love to receive your shared photos.

Then we have some further ways of celebrating.

  • Deck yourself out in boba-themed clothing and accessories. We’re talking head-to-toe with boba socks, jewelry, face mask, hat – go all out!
  • Bake black or green boba-inspired treats like cupcakes with boba pearls baked inside or milk tea macarons.
  • Create boba-inspired crafts and art like paintings, drawings, jewelry, pottery, and more.

The key is having fun with your boba obsession! Use National Boba Day as an excuse to channel your inner Boba fanatic.

Healthy Concerns about boba tea

Boba milk tea has some great aspects along with drawbacks. Some may claim that it is mainly made with milk and tea, which provide hydration and antioxidants.

However, boba usually is high in calories and sugar if oversized or add-ins overdone. And some extra additives might be added in boba shops.

Overall, boba in moderation can be part of a balanced diet. But customizing your order with less sugar and fresh fruit over syrups boosts nutrition.

So hope you will enjoy the National Day of Boba with the boba fans around the world.

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