Boba can be paired with a variety of tea bases, milks, fruit flavors, and sweeteners to create endless flavor possibilities. One especially popular variety of boba tea is passion fruit boba, which is one type of fruit tea boba.

What’s the taste of passion fruit boba

Passion fruit boba combines sweet, tart passion fruit flavor with the unique textural experience of boba pearls. When done right, each sip provides a taste of tropical fruits followed by the joy of boba pearls popping in your mouth. Passion fruit boba drinks have a bright, refreshing flavor profile perfect for any time of day. Their sweet-tartness quenches thirst while also satisfying sugar cravings. No wonder passion fruit boba cafes are popping up on street corners across the globe!

passion fruit boba ingredients|

Passion Fruit Boba Ingredients

Passion fruit boba ingredients work together to create an irresistible harmony of flavors, textures, and aromas. Here’s what goes into a typical passion fruit boba drink:

  • Passion fruit pulp, puree or syrup – This provides the signature sweet-tart passion fruit flavor. Puree made from fresh ripe passion fruit has the most authentic flavor and aroma. Pre-made passion fruit syrup offers convenience.
  • Boba pearls – These little chewy tapioca balls are what give boba its distinctive soft, gummy texture. Boba pearls are traditionally made from tapioca starch. We also match with coconut jelly for a even interesting texture.
  • Sweetener – Sugar, honey or other sweeteners balance out the tartness of passion fruit. Honey is highly recommended for this one.
  • Tea base – Black, green, or oolong tea can all complement passion fruit beautifully while contributing antioxidants. Jasmine green tea is a popular choice.
  • Lemon and limes to increase the level of sourness.
  • Coconut jelly– I use coconut jelly to make the fruit much prettier.
passion fruit boba ingredients|

Selecting Perfectly Ripe Passion Fruit

Not all passion fruits are equal when it comes to maximizing flavor. To make the most flavorful passion fruit boba, it’s key to start with prime, peak-of-ripeness passion fruit. Here are tips for selecting delicious passion fruit:

  • Choose fruits that feel heavy for their size – Heavier passion fruits will have a higher flesh to seed ratio. Lighter fruits tend to be seedier and less juicy.
  • Inspect the color – Opt for passion fruits with deep purple or yellow skins. Greenish or orangey hues indicate underripe fruit.
  • Ripped passion fruit has wrinkled shells.
  • Sniff for fragrance – Ripe, aromatic passion fruits will smell sweet and floral. Pass on any odorless fruits.
passion fruit

Tea choice

I recommend jasmine green tea since it has little influence on the color and add a lovely fruity aroma.

In case, if you are a black tea lover, the rich, malty Assam tea can stand up to passion fruit’s tartness. Ceylon black tea is also a great choice too.

If you want to make it caffeine free, use pure fruit tea like peach tea, or jasmine flower tea.


Muddler the lemon and lime with ice cubes can help them to release the sour taste.

Honey it the ideal sweetener for passion fruit boba. You can also use simple syrup to convent it into vegan.

passion fruit boba ingredients|
passion fruit boba ingredients|
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Passion Fruit Boba

Passion fruit boba is a lovely fruit boba tea. We will also cover how to transfer it to other types of fruit bubble tea.
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  • 1 small small lime halved
  • 3 slices lemon
  • 1 passionfruit scoop the pulp
  • Ice cubes
  • 3 tbsp. black pearls
  • 3 tbsp. coconut jelly
  • 2-3 tbsp honey
  • 300 ml jasmine green tea base (2 jasmine green tea bags + 300ml hot water)


  • Steep the tea
  • Pour 300ml hot boiling water to 2 jasmine green tea bags. Let it steep for 3 to 4 minutes. Remove the tea bag and let the tea liquid cool down.
  • Mix the fruit tea base
  • In a shaker, add the lime, meyer lemon slices, and ice cubes. Use a muddler to squeeze the juice.
  • Add passionfruit, honey and jasmine green tea. Shake until well blended.
  • Assembled
  • To a glass, add the black pearls, coconut jelly at the bottom.
  • Pour the mixture in.
  • Finally, pour the shaken jasmine green tea mixture over the ingredients in the glass and stir gently to combine.



You can replace passionfruit with other fruit to make fruit tea boba. 
However adjust the amount of honey if you choose a sweet fruit tea type. 
passion fruit boba ingredients|


What’s the typical calorie count in passion fruit boba drinks?

On average, a 16 ounce passion fruit boba beverage contains 275-350 calories. Contributing factors are the milk, added sugar, tapioca pearls, and fruit puree. Adjust recipe to reduce calories if desired.

Can I make passion fruit boba without tapioca pearls?

Yes, you can make a simple passion fruit tea without boba pearls – but the chewy pearls are really what makes it an authentic boba-style drink. Opt for jellies or fruit pops instead if you want some texture.

Is there caffeine in passion fruit boba

es, passion fruit boba made with tea will contain caffeine since black tea naturally contains caffeine. For a caffeine-free version, use an herbal tea base instead of jasmine green tea.

How do you store leftover passion fruit boba?

Transfer any leftover boba drink to an airtight container and refrigerate. Consume within 1-2 days for best quality and texture. But the tapioca pearls will start harden very quickly. So remove the tapioca or skip tapioca pearls if you have leftovers.

Can I add milk in passion fruit boba

No.  Passion fruit is quite acidic, with a pH around 3. Milk has a pH right around 6.5-7. This difference in acidity can cause the milk proteins to curdle or separate when mixed together in passion fruit boba drinks.

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