Boba tea has undeniably taken over the world by storm. The global phenomenon originated in Taiwan. It spread like wildfire to neighboring Hong Kong and China, and consequently the rest of the world.  The aesthetically pleasing drinks are dangerously addictive. They’re velvety sweet enhanced by fun textured balls you can happily chew on.

With a cult-like following, it’s not surprising to see the rise of boba tea favorites from taro milk tea to brown sugar boba.  If you haven’t made up your favorite then this article is for you. This is the latest roundup of the best boba flavors.  

Best boba flavors|

A quick overview

With so many bubble tea options, here is my expert picks for the 15 best boba tea flavors.  When it’s your turn at the till, you’ll never have to ask the boba tea server for their specials because you’ll have your own list of boba tea stars on rotation. 

  1. Black Sesame Boba
  2. Brown Sugar Dirty Boba Tea – the most popular
  3. Cheese Boba Tea
  4. Classic Boba Tea 
  5. Cocoa or Chocolate Boba
  6. Coffee Boba 
  7. Fruit Milk Teas – Mango, Strawberry, Honeydew
  8. Hokkaido Milk Tea
  9. Jasmine Green Tea Boba
  10. Matcha Milk Tea
  11. Red Bean Boba
  12. Roast Tea
  13. Rose Milk Tea
  14. Taro Boba Tea
  15. Thai Milk Tea with Boba Pearls

Black Sesame Boba Milk Tea

We’re starting off the list with a non-mainstream variant – black sesame boba milk tea. This milk tea type is a wonderful beverage thanks to the subtle yet aromatic earthiness of black sesame seeds.

Black sesame seed paste combines with milk, simple syrup and black boba pearls to create black sesame boba milk tea.

This boba tea variant shuns the usual tea and instead makes use of black sesame seed paste as the drink’s base. Visibly, it has a cool spotted black and white color.

Upon taking a sip, there’s the familiar creamy sweetness that’s perfectly highlighted by the nutty, earthy undertones of black sesame seed paste.  The next time you’re craving something different, try this variant out. I’m positive you won’t regret it!

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
BLACK SESAME BOBA TEABlack Sesame Seed PasteWhole Milk, Simple Syrup, Black Boba Pearls

Brown Sugar Boba Tea

Popularized by the massive boba chain Tiger Sugar, brown sugar boba tea is possibly the most popular variant on the planet. Also known as tiger milk tea or mudflip tea, the original Taiwanese version of the drink doesn’t contain any tea.

This milk tea type consists of brown sugar syrup, milk and black boba pearls. It has visible “tiger stripes” of thick brown sugar syrup lining the inside of the cup. The stripes go in first, then black boba pearls, ice and finally the milk.

Aside from the aesthetic stripes, the simple syrup provides the unique factor. Boiled brown sugar or muscovado sugar lend toffee-like sweetness

Brown sugar boba tea has a bitter, creamy sweet taste with hints of caramelized molasses. It’s a highly addictive boba tea, so popular there’s even an ice cream bar with the flavor sold in major supermarkets all over the world.

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
BROWN SUGAR BOBA TEABrown Sugar Simple Syrup, Whole MilkBrown Sugar Boba Pearls
dirty boba
dirty boba- two versions included. Both classic brown sugar dirty boba and matcha dirty boba

Cheese Boba Tea

Cheese Boba Tea is one of the best innovations to boba tea. It’s simply black tea, milk, and boba pearls topped with a fluffy, cheese foam or cap. 

Though it may sound strange, boba fans who’ve dared to try it have fallen in love with cheese boba tea. The cheese foam isn’t some rogue-tasting ingredient. It’s an ingenious mix of cream cheese (or powdered cream cheese) with milk, whipped cream, and some salt.

Black boba pearls go in a cup topped with ice. The strong black tea is poured into it. For the finale, the fluffy, frothy, creamy dreamy cheese cap is generously scooped on top. 

The cheese foam plays a huge impact on the flavor of the drink. While it definitely stands out, it also melds well with the ingredients.

The lure of this imaginative drink is that sweet and salty pull coming from cream cheese foam. Our bodies unleash a primal instinct of sorts, a natural penchant for both sweet and salty.

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
CHEESE BOBA TEABlack Tea or Green TeaCheese Foam (made of milk, cream cheese, whipped cream, and salt)Simple Syrup,Black Boba Pearls

Classic Boba Tea

Classic Boba Tea is the OG milk tea that started it all. Sweetened black tea, whole milk, sugar syrup, and black boba pearls make up this fan favorite.

Deep aromatic black tea, velvety milk, and sweet simple syrup are the winning combo for the liquid in boba tea. It’s further enhanced by the solid texture that is chewy and sweet black boba pearls.

Without a doubt, this is one of the popular boba tea flavors, wherever you are in the world or whichever boba tea shop you’re queued up in. It’s an excellent gateway to boba tea if you’re a boba virgin.

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
CLASSIC BOBA TEABlack TeaWhole Milk, or CreamerSimple Syrup,Black Boba Pearls

Cocoa or Chocolate Boba

Some boba tea aficionados flock to boba tea shops looking for non-tea options. Chocolate Boba is the answer. 

Chocolate Boba Milk Tea is basically a chocolate, milk, and boba pearls concoction without the tea. It’s a rich, creamy, and oh-so-chocolatey drink that’s not overly sweet. 

Combined with the chewy tapioca pearls, the chocolatey drink is one you need to experience for yourself to truly know it. In some variations add chocolate chips, shavings, syrup and powder as toppings. Others go big with hazelnut spread or Nutella, peanut butter, crushed oreos, sea salt, or chili.

Chocolate milk has the same taste and texture as chocolate bubble tea, but the pearls provide a “break” from the typical chocolate beverage. 

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
CHOCOLATE BOBACocoa Powder, or Chocolate Powder, or Dry Hot Cocoa Mix, Syrup, Simple Syrup, Milk, or Heavy Cream, or Half and Half, Black Boba Pearls
chocolate dirty boba|ohsweetcups

Coffee Boba

The world is still a predominantly coffee-drinking population. But it didn’t stop the bubble tea craze from penetrating coffee-goers.

This caffeine-fueled creamy beverage has gained a ton of fans. Cold brew coffee replaces black tea, combined with whole milk, simple syrup, and black boba pearls. 

The drink features full-bodied flavor from the caffeine, sweetness from the syrup, and creamy milk and is topped off with fun boba pearls.

An iced latte will definitely be close in taste. But as the saying goes, don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it. Naysayers are easily swayed with just a sip of coffee boba.

While it may be similar in taste, the added texture from the boba pearls will surely break the humdrum of drinking your regular cup of joe. 

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
COFFEE BOBA TEACold Brew CoffeeWhole Milk or CreamerSimple Syrup,Black Boba Pearls
coffee boba |

Fruit Milk Tea

Fruit milk boba teas are all the rage during the hot summer months. It has a creamy decadence and an incredibly rich fruity flavor. 

Generally, fruit boba is made of black or green tea, fresh fruit puree, fruit syrup or simple syrup, milk, and tapioca pearls. The most popular variants are Strawberry Milk Tea, Mango Milk Tea, and Honeydew Milk Tea. 

  • Mango Boba Tea is deliciously sun-ripened fresh mango puree paired with black tea, milk, simple syrup, and boba pearls.
  • Strawberry Milk tea is a revitalizing blend of fresh strawberries, green tea, honey, and lightly whipped fresh milk. This beverage is a refreshing milk tea that will surely brighten your day.
  • Honeydew Boba Milk Tea is one of the best fruit milk teas in the land. Sweet, succulent, fragrant and ripe honeydew in the perfect cold beverage mash-up. There’s fragrant fruit with the sweetness and creaminess of milk tea and boba pearls.

Some versions drop the tea. They focus entirely on the fruity flavor of the milk to have a fruit-tea variation. Similarly, other versions drop the tapioca pearls and replace them with toppings like coconut jelly, aloe vera, or grass jelly.

The addition of fresh fruits and fruit syrups to milk tea makes it even more special. The heavenly taste reminiscent of a refreshing fruit slushee or ice cream is just perfect on a hot day.

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
FRUIT MILK TEAFresh FruitWhole Milk,Simple Syrup,Black Boba Pearls
passion fruit boba ingredients|
passion fruit boba

Hokkaido Milk Tea

Hokkaido milk tea is yet another all-time favorite boba tea. The milk tea consists of with black tea, brown sugar syrup and boba pearls and one specific ingredient – Hokkaido milk.

This hard-to-find ingredient sets it apart from all the other milk tea variants out there. It’s a high-quality, ultra-creamy, full-fat cow’s milk from Japan’s largest and northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido.

The true flavors of Hokkaido milk tea shine through from the notable milk. Coupled with the earthy tea, sweet syrup and boba topping, it’s a sure winner.

You can’t call it Hokkaido milk tea if you use regular milk. It’s not possible and no way will it taste the same. So if you decide to make it at home, seek out this premium milk. Good luck in your search!

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
HOKKAIDO MILK TEABlack TeaFresh Hokkaido Milk or Hokkaido Milk PowderSimple Syrup,Black Boba Pearls

Jasmine Green Tea Boba

If green tea is your thing, then Jasmine Green Tea Boba should be on your boba tea rotation. 

The concoction is a blend of jasmine green tea, milk, simply syrup and boba pearls. Jasmine infused green tea is subtle and aromatic. The tea-base has a smooth, fresh and bright taste and delightful floral notes. 

Jasmine-scented tea holds up when paired with milk or creamer. Simple syrup, brown sugar syrup, or honey lends sweetness to the drink. 

Simple, delectable and with incredible health benefits from the green tea. The drink is best-served cold which matches perfectly with the tapioca pearls for that chewy satisfaction. 

Keep cool and calm while sipping on this sweet Jasmine green tea milk tea.

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
JASMINE GREEN TEA BOBAJasmine Green TeaWhole Milk, or CreamerSimple Syrup, or Brown Sugar Syrup, or HoneyBlack Boba Pearls

Matcha Milk Tea

If you are a matcha and boba tea lover like me, then matcha milk tea is likely on the top of your list too. 

This beautiful green drink comes with the deep and rich taste of matcha as its base flavor. Matcha is the iconic Japanese green powder from specially grown green tea. 

The milky beverage mixes the earthy umami taste of matcha paired with fresh milk, simple syrup and black boba pearls.

The result is a taste of pure creamy froth satisfaction! Earthy and slight bitter notes from matcha, creamy smoothness from the milk, a sweet and pleasant chew from the sweetener and boba balls. 

When the texture and consistency of your beverage is creamy and full of depth, it’s a good matcha milk tea.

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
MATCHA MILK TEAMatcha PowderWhole Milk, or CreamerSimple Syrup,Black Boba Pearls
matcha boba|
matcha boba milk tea

Red Bean Boba Milk Tea

Red bean bubble tea is another boba variant that deserves a spot in the limelight. It’s brewed with either green or black tea, but green tea or matcha is more commonly used.

Tea mixes with luscious milk, azuki red beans, and black boba pearls. Azuki red beans (also called aduki or azuki beans) combine with sugar to yield a chunky sweet paste.

When the sweetened red beans blend with full bodied tea and milk, the combination is a melodious harmony of earthy, nutty, sweet, and creamy.

It’s definitely a vibe that’s meant for a grown up and more refined boba tea experience.

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
RED BEAN BOBA MILK TEAMatcha PowderWhole Milk, Simple SyrupAzuki Red Beans Black Boba Pearls
red bean boba with matcha milk tea|

Roasted Milk Tea Boba

Boba tea fans will have heard of Roasted milk tea boba. It’s a specialty drink that has developed a niche. 

Classic black tea is roasted to release its best flavors. Then shaken with fresh cow’s milk, and simple syrup, and enhanced with springy black boba pearls.

The distinguishing factor of roasted milk tea boba is that roasting tea leaves bring out a richer and more pronounced tea flavor. The drink has a deep, smoky tea flavor while still being creamy and pleasantly sweet.

Without a doubt, this bubble tea flavor has to be among the most popular boba varieties. 

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
ROASTED MILK TEA BOBARoasted Black TeaWhole Milk,Simple Syrup,Black Boba Pearls

Rose Milk Tea

Rose milk tea is a creamy, fragrant, and delicious milk tea variant. Rose milk tea is simply black tea, milk, boba pearls, and rose syrup. 

First, we have a beautiful pink cup with the contrasting black boba. Next, a sip of the pretty pink beverage will give an intoxicating rose sweetness and aroma with a strong malty full-bodied black tea flavor. 

Combined with milk there’s a lush feel in the mouth. Finally, the delicately floral and creamy beverage is topped off with chewy tapioca pearls.  

The combination of rose and milk gives this drink a subtle floral taste and a smooth, rich feel in the mouth. A sip of this ambrosial rose-colored boba tea will have you looking at life through rose-tinted glasses. Simply exquisite. 

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
ROSE MILK TEABlack TeaWhole Milk,Black Boba PearlsRose Syrup

Taro Milk Tea

This aesthetically pleasing purple beverage ranks high among boba tea lovers everywhere. With its sweet and nutty flavors and creamy mouthfeel, taro milk tea is a real delight.

Made from taro puree or taro root powder, milk, simple syrup and boba pearls, it’s the perfect marriage of creamy sweetness in a cup. The flavor that follows is a velvety texture that tastes like vanilla, coconut or chocolate. 

The tropical root crop native to Southeast Asia blends well with velvety milk. Taro’s starches give the beverage a satisfyingly smooth and thick texture, almost like ice cream.

Sweetened taro and milk are enhanced by chewy boba balls. Typically black tapioca pearls or the ingenious taro boba pearls are included.  

These fun and chewy balls are not as sweet as regular boba pearls but they have an amazing melt-in-your-mouth texture. while offering sweetness to the beverage. 

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
TARO MILK TEATaro Puree or Taro Root Powder,Whole Milk or Condensed MilkSimple Syrup,Black Boba Pearls
taro boba|
taro boba

Thai Boba Tea

Thai boba tea has earned its place in boba tea shops worldwide. It’s not surprising that one of the bests was saved for last.

This gorgeous orange-colored drink gets even better topped with black boba pearls.

You get the earthy notes with distinct spice hints from Thai tea. The milky sweetness comes from a blend of condensed milk and evaporated milk. The spice notes vary from star anise, cinnamon, and even tamarind.

Thai boba tea has a smooth and silky texture with an amazing depth of flavor.

Boba Tea TypeIngredients
THAI BOBA TEAAssam or Ceylon Tea, Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk, Black Boba Pearls

So what’s your favorite boba flavors? A sweet and sour fruit boba or classic brown sugar boba. Follow to get more inspirations about milk tea and boba pearls.

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